Singapore’s Fittest Individuals Take Centre Stage At The Inaugural Under Armour Combine 2022

Opening ceremony of UA COMBINE SG 2022 at the Pasir Panjang Power Station

Under Armour’s inaugural foray into the world of competitive fitness, held at Singapore’s iconic Pasir Panjang Power Station, was a rapturous testament to the thriving community of fitness enthusiasts that the Lion City can be proud of.

Individuals across diverse range of fitness disciplines gathered to compete in eight physical and mental tests specially curated by one of the world’s leading athletic performance apparel brands to make them better.

“With the UA COMBINE, we hope to challenge individuals to test their limits. It was great seeing the competitors display toughness, resilience, and grit throughout the challenges today, “says Justin Olivares, Marketing Director for Under Armour South Asia-Pacific.

Competitors at the UA COMBINE SG 2022

For the men’s category, it was an intense competition throughout as C L Tan and Albert Chang emerged  early  as  front-runners.  Neck-and-neck  approaching  the  last  station,  C  L  Tan’s ranking of 5th in the final 20m beep test station (endurance) was enough for him to triumph by a narrow margin of 8 points and claim bragging rights as the first male UA COMBINE SINGAPORE 2022 winner.

UA COMBINE SG 2022 Men’s Division Test Winner (C L Tan)

The women’s category saw Amanda Lim and Julie From rising above the pack, but Amanda’s prowess in the pull-up beep test (stamina) and the 20m sled push (power) proved too much for Julie to handle, allowing her to triumph by a margin of 46 points and claim bragging rights as the first women’s UA COMBINE SINGAPORE 2022 winner.

UA COMBINE SG 2022 Women’s Division Test Winner (Amanda Lim)

“Julie was absolutely killing it so I’m just happy to have managed to come out on top when the dust settled. Hoping that these events help encourage more people kickstart their fitness journeys and that we can all improve collectively as a community,” said Amanda Lim, professional swimmer with the Singapore national team.

Here is a complete list of winners from the respective UA COMBINE SINGAPORE 2022 categories:

Men’s Division

Winner – C L Tan (1,110 points)

First-runner up – Albert Chang (1,102 points)

Second-runner up – Olie Trotman (1,063 points)

Women’s Division

Winner – Amanda Lim (1,080 points)

First-runner up – Julie From (1,034 points)

Second-runner up – Esther Tan (1,018 points)

Following the successful kick-off in Singapore, the UA COMBINE 2022 is set to travel to Malaysia, Australia and Thailand across September and October.

03.09.2022Malaysia, Kuala LumpurIM4U Sentral Puchong
17.09.2022Sydney, AustraliaJenko Pavilion, Olympic Park
01.10.2022Thailand, BangkokThe Link Asoke-Makkasan

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