Live Out Your Dreams With the John Jacobs DreamLUX Collection

Bold. Sophisticated. Daring. 

Discover a new dreamy collection from
John Jacobs by Lenskart to
live out your boldest sartorial dreams yet

“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams,” legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren once proclaimed.

Dreams are where we live out our wildest visions and boldest selves, a place of limitless possibilities and endless opportunities.

Step into a mesmerising dream world with John Jacobs’ new eyewear collection — DreamLUX.

Made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, John Jacobs is a premium eyewear label by Lenskart
and offers a plethora of fashion-forward eyewear.

Designed for the bold, trend-setting fashionista, the John Jacobs DreamLUX Collection features oversized silhouettes, playful acetate accents and rich acetate with titanium temples
to allow for a full expression of one’s individual style.

We dare you to enter a universe where all fashion dreams come alive.

Presenting Lenskart’s John Jacobs DreamLUX Collection

The DreamLUX collection features two distinctive, design-led ranges that stylishly express every sartorial mood and style for a bold fashion statement.

The Acetate Accents Range

Feeling adventurous? Make John Jacobs’ new Acetate Accents your go-to eyewear choice.

Available in geometric silhouettes and playful colours, these unique frames will add a distinct edge to any look. This collection boasts a futuristic design with bold acetate accents at the sides of sturdy stainless steel frames to achieve a fashion-forward style. These frames are the perfect accessory to make you stand out from the crowd.

Available in 12 distinct designs.

The Rich Acetates Range

Elevate your style with John Jacobs’ new Rich Acetate eyewear that futuristically combines both premium titanium and acetate into a single frame. The collection boasts intriguing sleek, oversized silhouettes for both men and women–from aviators to various geometric shapes.

Designed for a classy look with a high fashion twist, these rich acetates with titanium temples perfectly frame the face while adding a touch of luxury to any look.

Available in 15 distinct designs.

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