Someone made a fully-functional gaming PC from a toilet

Tech and gaming YouTuber Basically Homeless turned his loo into a “12700 & 3060 gaming PC”.

Unlike most of us who simply bring our phones to browse TikTok or Instagram as a form of entertainment while we take a dump, Basically Homeless (Nick Zetta) wanted to take it to the next level. He wanted to build a system that would allow him to sit on the toilet and play 120hz FPS shooters using a mouse and keyboard.

To achieve this bizarre creation, he created a “Water Wall” using glue and plexiglass to keep the computer components and toilet plumbing separate. This way, he could still flush the toilet while playing games. In addition, he managed to slot in some RGB lighting and a fan that helps the PC stay cool, which is pretty impressive. You can see both the running PC and the functional toilet from the sizable cutout in the front.

Nick claims that he acquired fundamental plumbing and porcelain-cutting skills in order to build this peculiar PC.

Check out his video documenting the entire process here:

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