Diablo Immortal player spends $100K on game and gets banned from PvP after being deemed ‘too strong’

YouTuber jtisallbusiness claims to have spent almost $100,000 on Diablo Immortal across in-game microtransactions – and is now asking for a refund after being unable to access the game’s player-versus-player mode, Battlegrounds.

He explained his situation in a YouTube video where he claims to have waited up to 72 hours for a Battlegrounds match. The player surmises that this is as a result of his excessively high battle rating after winning 100 consecutive games. Simply put, the Diablo Immortal matchmaking system cannot balance players in a way that invites jtisallbusiness for a fair game.

He claimed that more than a month ago, he first spoke with Blizzard via live chat about the issue and was instructed to post about it on the site’s forum.

Jtisallbusiness claimed that he tried to escalate the problem by contacting Blizzard staff via Twitter after the company ignored his forum post.

He then received a message saying that the issue was indeed due to his high battle rating and that Blizzard hoped to fix it in a few weeks, but with no guarantee.

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