Celebrate National Day with these locally-inspired dishes available on Deliveroo

Patriotism never tasted this good.

Singaporeans and Deliveroo share the same burning passion: food! To commemorate Singapore’s 57th birthday, the nation’s most loved food delivery service has looked into its data from last year’s National Day period to uncover the top local dishes that Singaporeans order to get into a patriotic mood. To add more reasons to celebrate, Deliveroo has compiled a list of new and exclusive national day treats inspired by these classic Singaporean dishes! 

Comfort food and go-to supper essentials rank high in Singaporeans’ hearts

Reflective of the melting pot of cultures our Little Red Dot is known for, Singaporeans’ top-ordered dishes cover a range of multicultural dishes. Topping the list is none other than the ultimate comfort food – nasi lemak that never fails to make Singaporeans go “shiok!”. Not to be put to shame, the flavourful chicken rice and supper-time essential, roti prata, come in second and third. Locals just can’t get enough of them, and even more so when they gear up for a National Day feast! 

Check out the list of most popular local dishes and the most in-demand restaurants Singaporeans order from during the National Day period1:

1.    Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing from Crave Foods

2.    Chicken Rice from Boon Tong Kee 

3.    Egg Prata from Mr. Prata 

4.    Laksa from Toast Box

5.    Kway Teow from Tang Tea House

6.    Traditional Kaya Toast from BreadTalk

7.    Satay from Ayam Penyet President

8.    Creamy Crab Croquettes with Chili Crab Sauce by Maki-San

9.    Claypot Bak Kut Teh by Hong Ji Claypot Herbal Bak Kut Teh

10.  Traditional Bak Chor Mee Set by Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee

Same same but different! Deliveroo offers classics with a twist this National Day

When it comes to food, nothing beats the classics, but Singaporeans are known for their adventurous taste buds. This National Day, Deliveroo challenges Singaporeans to take their love for the classics one step further – with a selection of new National Day offerings inspired by well-loved favourites with a unique twist. Exciting options include an indulgent nasi lemak sambal burger by HANS IM GLÜCK, The Daily Cut’s healthy yet flavourful chicken rice bowl, and a limited edition Horlicks Milk Tea series by Gong Cha that will bring back childhood memories for many. 

Horlicks Milk Tea series by Gong Cha

Those feasting with their family can also opt for A-One and Green Signature’s NDP Bundles, which are available throughout August. 

Deliveroo is also adding on to the celebrations with an in-app giveaway. For the entire month of August, simply make a minimum order of $40 from Deliveroo and enter voucher code ‘IMAFOODIE’ upon checkout to receive a limited edition Certified Foodie Bottle and waterproof stickers to customise their bottles, or a $20 Deliveroo voucher. Winners will be contacted through their Deliveroo-registered email for the collection of the bottles or voucher codes by 9 September 2022.

With Deliveroo, Singaporeans can truly makan to their heart’s delight this National Day! 

List of new National Day promotions and bundles on Deliveroo

RestaurantDishPromotionPromotion period
VIO By Blu KouzinaVIOS National- Poached organic chicken breast – Sautéed ginger based Kailan- Coconut amino infused sauce – House-made vegan sambalTopped with diced organic cucumber, spring onion, and organic extra virgin olive oil$15.8From 1 August
HANS IM GLÜCK / GRETLRendang Burger Salted Egg Yolk Burger Nasi Lemak Sambal Burger$14 (U.P. $20)$13.3 (U.P. 19)$13.3 (U.P. 19)1 – 31 August
Gong ChaLimited edition Horlicks Milk Tea series – Horlicks Pearl Milk Tea – Mango Chocolate Horlicks Milk Tea $7$716 July – 31 August 
A-One NDP Set Bundle A:- Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭- Prawn Paste Kang Kong 虾酱空心菜- Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup 蟹肉海参鱼鳔羹Choice of meat- Spicy Sliced Pork 香辣肉片- Sweet & Sour Sliced Pork 糖醋肉片Add on (Optional): Deep Fried Seabass 油浸金目鲈  NDP Set Bundle B:- Shrimp & Scallop Mee Sua 虾仁带子炒面线- Braised Chicken with Mushroom 香菇焖鸡煲- Chinese Spinach with Silver Fish 银鱼苋菜- Fish Maw with Crab Meat Thick Soup 蟹肉海参鱼鳔羹Add on (Optional): Deep Fried Seabass 油浸金目鲈 All Bundles priced at $57 (UP: $81.43)


26 July – 31 August
Green SignatureNDP Set Bundle C:- Olive Fried Rice 素橄榄菜炒饭- Gong Bao Chicken & Cashew Nut 素宫保腰果鸡丁煲- Sambal Kang Kong 素马来风光- Salted Egg Pumpkin 素咸蛋金瓜Add on (Optional): Claypot Fish Maw Thick Soup 素鱼鳔羹  NDP Set Bundle D:- Seafood Noodle 素海鲜煲仔面- Sesame Oil Chicken 素麻油鸡- Lotus Root w Assort Vegetables 翡翠炒莲藕- Cereal Mushroom 素麦片鲜菇Add on (Optional): Claypot Fish Maw Thick Soup 素鱼鳔羹 All Bundles priced at $57 (UP: $81.43)


26 July – 31 August
Canadian PizzaNational Day Kids Bundle:- 6 inch Personal Pan – Choice of Flavours Super Value- 4 Pcs Chicken Nuggets- 1 Milo Drink- 2 Free Milo Dinosaur Collectible  National Day Bundle:- 1 MED Pizza (1/2 Butter Chicken and 1/2 Kecap Manis Pizza)- 1 MED Pizza (1/2 Ikan Bilis Pizza and 1/2 Chilli Crab)- National Day Special Cookies (Pandan Coconut & Kopi O Gao)- 2 x Coca Cola 1.5 Litre$12.90 (U.P. $18.80)

$57 (U.P. $73.20)
27 July – 31 August
Wok HeyLaksa Fried Rice and Dry Laksa available while stocks last. – Crab Meat Laksa Fried Rice MAX- Crab Meat Dry Laksa MAX Regular proteins (Optional): Grilled Chicken, Braised Beef, and Seasoned Prawns.Seasonal protein (Optional): Wild-Caught Blue Swimmer Crab$13.3015 July – 31 August
Manhattan Burger & Bowl$57 bundleSpicy Garlic Butter Loaded Fries, Mind my Chicken Burger, Grilled Spicy Garlic Butter Thick Beef Burger, Katsu Dory Rice Bowl$571-31 August
Manhattan Fish MarketNDP Set for 4 paxWhole seabass, flaming scallops, sambal shrimps, fried chicken fillet, garlic herb mussels and 4 garlic herb rice$49.901-31 August
GelareKaya Butter Waffle SetKaya Butter Waffle with a regular ice cream and a Classic Waffle$25.901 – 31 August
The Daily CutTDC Chicken Rice Bowl- Brown Chicken Rice- Ginger & Scallion Grilled Chicken Thigh- Housemade Achar- Sesame Tofu- Ramen Egg- Ginger Chilli sauce- Ginger paste$141 – 31 August 
BreadTalkSambal SwirlChicky SatayKaya TreasurePulut HitamPandan Gula Melaka CrunchPandan Japan Light CheesecakeKopi TiramisuBandung Rose drink$2.20$2.20$2.20$1.80$25.80$11.20$9.80$2.001 – 31 August
MOS BurgerGolden Double Ebi BurgerFrench Fries with Golden Dip (Salted Egg Sauce)$7.30$4.20From 20 July, while stocks last
Flash CoffeeOriginal Coconut Shake Red Bean Coconut ShakeS: $4, R: $4.80, L: $6

S: $5.20, R: $5.80, L: $6.90
8 August – 8 September
Rive GaucheSingapore Splendor Cake$71.2528 July – 31 August
GreendotNourishing Herbal Lor MeeLaksa Mala Xiang Guo Signature Laksa Chili Crab Dip with Skewers & Mantou SetSignature Laksa Chili Crab Dip with 6pcs Mantou SetIced Yuzu Winter Melon TeaIced Yuzu Winter Melon Tea with Osmanthus Jelly$12.54$27.49$11.39 $10.24 $4.49$5.641 – 31 August
Lao Huo TangSalted Egg PorkCrispy Salted Egg Lotus RootSalted Egg Seafood Fried RiceSalted Egg Steamed EggSalted Egg Prawn BallCrispy Salted Egg Fish Skin$16.80$12.80$15.80$12.80$20.80$14.801 – 31 August
CocoBitePandan Coconut ShakeCappuccino Coconut ShakeBandung Coconut ShakeM – $5.80L – $6.801 – 31 August
PopeyesNational Day 8pc Feast- 4pc Chicken- 4pc tenders- 1 Large Mashed – 1 Garlic Rice$26.901 – 31 August
UddersKueh Salat Ice Cream$14.65 per pint$5.00 per scoop1 -31 August 

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