ProHa Fitness Mirror: A Smart Family Product with Innovative Technologies

ProHa strives to create a new generation of home gyms with high configuration, and innovative technologies.

The ProHa fitness mirror looks like a shiny dressing mirror when it’s off. The design of a thickness of 24mm and a weight of 22kg, making it the thinnest and lightest fitness mirror on the market. The four rounded corners of the mirror and the streamlined design allow the mirror to fit any home style.

Worldwide debut on Kickstarter $899

The ProHa Workout Mirror is a magic mirror full of “magic”. ProHa has a built-in AI motion capture sensor that can accurately capture all the movements, even a little movement like twirling a wrist. It can also give users feedback and correct their wrong movements.

ProHa fitness mirror can identify users’ movement changes by locating the 19 key bone points of the human body. And timely giving feedback to the users through the dual-chip AI sensor. The somatosensory game is also one of ProHa’s unique AI-assisted interactive experiences. The “stickman” projection vividly shows the user’s movement characteristics in the mirror in real-time.

To make it accessible, ProHa fitness mirror allows users to control the mirror with a touch, a voice wake-up word, or even a mouse. With a simple “HiDong, turn on the mirror”, users can start their home fitness journey hands-free. When users exercise, the lower part of the mirror will show users’ scores in real-time to help users to correct their wrong movements, and it will show users’ movement scores or fitness data in every mode after finishing their workout.

In addition, ProHa fitness mirror has built-in somatosensory games and exclusively tailored classes for users of any age and fitness level. ProHa fitness mirror is a specially created fitness technology product dedicated to home fitness. The dual-chip AI processor makes fitness more efficient, and rich somatosensory games can drive the whole family to participate in burning calories together. The built-in voice recognition function and touch screen technology allow users to operate the mirror hands-free. High configuration, innovative technologies, and all kinds of fitness courses strive to create a new generation of home gyms, allowing everyone to experience immersive exercise at home. Users can go to Kickstarters to pre-order the ProHa fitness mirror.

Source: HiDong Limited

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