Smart Home Devices For Added Convenience

A smart home is one that features a system that links to your appliances to automate particular chores and is often operated from a distance. A smart home system can help you with difficult household chores. Homeowners do not need to devote the majority of their energy on a daily basis to maintain their house clean and their laundry done with a more easy method of conducting household tasks!

1. Line8 Power Track System 

The power rail idea was initially created in Singapore, where it was founded, in the year 2000. Kenneth Ong and Kevin Lim created the Line8 Power Outlet System after working in the power rail industry for more than ten years. Several important improvements were added to the concept while also improving performance and safety.

In essence, Line8 is a linear power rail that allows for the addition, removal, and repositioning of power outlets. Homeowners will never run out of power outlets thanks to its ease, added safety, and integration with AV and Data systems. They will also save money on electrical renovation and get to enjoy a cleaner-looking interior thanks to the elimination of untidy wiring. Additionally, because there are always outlets available where you need them, you will never have to charge your phone in a specific location of the house. The best aspect is that you contribute to a more environmentally responsible footprint because the power track system is eco friendly.

2. Smart Locks

Your front door lock is a silent protector that silently deters criminals from entering your home. The superheroes of the species, smart locks have exceptional abilities that make life more convenient. Using a digital door lock to increase your security allows you to stop worrying about your loved ones, your possessions, and priceless goods left unattended at home.

Digital door locks not only make life easier for you and your family, they also spare you the hassle of having to replace lost keys at home or at work. Digital door locks provide you complete control over your settings and spare you the inconvenience of having to duplicate keys. You can decide whether to remove, add, or adjust the access. On the other side, if you have extra keys, you could get into difficulty since someone could take them if you lose them and use them to enter your home.

3. Motion Sensor Lights

Homeowners who have elderly relatives living with them will find this extremely useful especially during the night. It is best to install motion sensor lights in the kitchen, toilets and balconies. This is because most toilets are located in the kitchen area of the HDB. Many elderly people have a hard time seeing in the dark and having them search for the light switch could result in injuries and even a fall which is extremely dangerous for them. Having motion sensor light will automatically aid them in their vision and reduce such grave accidents. 

Since your lights will not be left on constantly, using motion sensor lights inside and outside of your home will save you money. Utilizing motion sensor switches or shutting off lights will help you save money on your electricity bill while also lowering your carbon footprint. According to the Eco Guide, savings can reach up to 75% but are normally between 35 and 45 percent. They demonstrate the savings that arise from switching off the lights.

4. Smart Vacuum

For people that are not able to engage a cleaner or a domestic helper to keep their homes clean when they are gone for work, coming home to an unclean house is definitely a daunting task. Many homeowners clean their homes after work and this can be very tiring for them. Although a smart vacuum cleaner might not be able to do all the chores, it can help to lighten the load by keeping your floors clean while you are gone. 

For homeowners who have furry pets, this is an amazing recommendation as you will not come back to a floor full of fur. You can just turn the vacuum cleaners on right before you leave the house and leave them to do their job. The best part is that it is self-charging which means you do not have to worry about it running out of power as it will return to its docking station when the battery is low. Adding to that, you can even use your phone to control which areas of the house you want it to clean. With vacuuming out of the way, you can focus on more important household tasks. 

5. Smart Washing Machine

You can program cycles to start later on your phone with a smart washing machine. Reduced trips to the laundry room and smarter home solutions are two benefits of connected washers. A smart washing machine can help if you have ever put a load in the machine but did not want to start it right away. You can check in with your washer using the app it is linked to and set it going at a time that suits you best, as well as select the mode and any special feature you will require for your laundry. 

For example, you might be heading out and want the washing done for when you return but do not want a load of wet washing hanging around inside the drum for too long. In case you are delayed and wish to put a current wash on hold, you can also halt it. Every homeowner who works knows that laundry is the most time-consuming chore. You come home, load the washer and wait a couple of hours for the washing to be done. Now, you no longer have to stay up and wait. With a smart washing machine, you can come back and immediately load your dryer or hang your laundry. 

Smart home technology is being utilised more and more within homes, for various reasons. Whether just one device or an entire network, consumers are taking advantage of its many features and capabilities to make their homes more convenient and make it simpler for their loved ones. With these 5 smart devices, you are sure to have a more relaxing time at home.

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