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Endeavours to destigmatise mental health therapy persists. Friend networks, organisations’ people and culture teams are leaning in, checking on each other’s mental well-being. Accessing professional treatment may however still pose barriers such as travelling distance and time scheduling.

With telehealth you can have a private conversation with licensed therapists conveniently within the palm of your hand. Bite sized meditation and mental welling content are available on the apps too. Here’s our pick of tele mental health apps founded by Singapore-based startups and public sector organisations. 


A male-focused mental health community platform, Mantor collaborates with specialists to provide professionally facilitated services. This includes structured programmes and one-on-one sessions with wellness coaches. There is also a forum for users to connect and engage in conversation.


Spill your woes to this cute green penguin, Wysa! Wysa is an emotionally intelligent AI chatbot. Accessible on mindline website and app, users may express themselves openly and anonymously without fear of judgement. Conversing with Wysa is like writing a reflection journal entry. The penguin offers leading questions to assist users to better understand their mental wellbeing. Various self-management and cognitive behavioural therapy exercises are also available on the website.


Based on a user’s psychometric profile, MindFi app algorithms curates personalised recommendations catered to an individual’s mental health needs. Users can follow self-guided programmes and be matched to coaches and therapists for one-on-one attention. 

MindFi also includes a “focus mode” allowing users to set a time required to finish up a task. Within this duration, users aren’t allowed to check their phone switch to other apps. When the timer buzzes, a meditation track will be recommended. Users can meditate alongside it before proceeding to the next task.


Intellect offers SOS hotlines on speed dial, users can seek care from licensed mental health professionals. Live video consultation and real-time text support are also available to users. App analytics records users’ wellbeing levels, suggesting personalised, self-paced content suited to their usage and progress.

Doctor Anywhere

Mental wellness coaching is one amongst the comprehensive healthcare features on the Doctor Anywhere app. The counsellors and psychologists are based in Singapore with years of counselling practice. Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. All calls are end-to-end encrypted, providing users privacy and peace of mind.

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