Arcwave launches world’s first masturbation advice hotline for men in Singapore

  • A 2021 global survey by male pleasure brand Arcwave reveals that 47% of men never talk about masturbation
  • In an effort to spark dialogue, the hotline reveals advice about healthy masturbation habits, tips about communication, and sex toy recommendations

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As opposed to common belief, a global study by male pleasure brand Arcwave reveals that 47% of men “never talk about masturbation”. To encourage a more open, positive, and fun conversation amongst penis owners regarding their sexual wellness, and to celebrate the launch of its latest product, the Arcwave VOY, today the brand launched the world’s first masturbation advice hotline for men in 7 different countries. For Singapore, the number is +65 3159 5894.

Johanna Rief, head of Sexual Empowerment at Arcwave, comments: “Unfortunately, masturbation is still a taboo for all gender identities globally. But the conversation around health and wellness benefits of masturbation in the last decade has been led by the female empowerment movement. Opening up this new line of communication with the male gender identity can help them develop a similar masturbation mindset that gives more relevancy to healthy and wellness-driven, but still fun routines”.

The sample of the Arcwave global study comprised 7,244 men from 17+ countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany France, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, and others. When asked who they’d feel comfortable talking to about masturbation, 30.8% of men said they feel most comfortable discussing masturbation with their partner, 20.8% feel comfortable talking about it with a friend and 5.6% with a professional doctor.

Sex Educator Andrea Tan explains, “A survey by WOW Tech at the end of 2020 put Singapore on the highest Masturbation Gap amongst other countries surveyed (men masturbate 79% more frequently overall than women).

Despite this, in Singapore, masturbation amongst men is still a topic not openly discussed and often not well understood with respect to its benefits for physical and mental health, or to enhance the pleasure experience for singles and couples.

The hotline is a great way for men to then access information privately around cultivating healthy habits around masturbation and practices that can enhance an individual’s experience during sex.”

When calling the hotline, men will be prompted with a menu to choose the kind of information they want to receive. This varies country by country but all include tips to have a healthy masturbation routine, the links between masturbation and s*x, and others. Men also have an option to leave a message to get the contact details of a sexual wellness professional in their country.  

Taking the Hand Experience to a New Level – Arcwave VOY

All experts agree that adding diversity to one’s masturbation routine is the key to generating different feelings in the body and enhancing orgasms. To that extent, Arcwave has launched the new Arcwave VOY together with the hotline. Arcwave VOY targets the Merkel-Ranvier receptors in the skin of the penis, which research reveals to respond particularly well to tightness – a finding that other sex toys ignored.  Arcwave Voy utilizes this science to stimulate them with its unique Tightness Adjustment System (TAS).  It can be activated by rotating the adjustment wheel behind the top lid, which increases or decreases the silicone’s tightness. This creates the perfect adjustment fit for every body, allowing for an easy change between tighter and less tight settings.  When stimulated just right, a whole new pleasure sensation is created – which is why playing with Voy provides a more intense orgasm experience than hand masturbation.​ 

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