Hermés Unveils Men’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Hermès recently unveiled their Men’s Summer 2023 collection at Manufacture Des Gobelins, a tapestry factory turned runway, amidst cloudy skies. Designed by Véronique Nichanian, the collection showcases a variety of poetic colours that are pleasing to the eyes – lemonade, lagoon, lilac, bubblegum and melon. Hermès’ fine quality fabrications are also on full display, with berlingot canvas, nubuck calfskin, crepe cotton serge, perforated leather, and sunset tints being the most prominent ones.

The collection is meant to evoke a feeling of “a bright, vibrant summer; the joy of being together. The vacation spirit, a magic destination both joyous and serene, with the breeze imperceptibly ruffling the clothes that enfold you. A feeling of lightness makes you float in the sunlight.”

Easy breezy fits

Complete with shorts and sandals, these fits are ideal to be worn out and about on a sunny day. The fabrics sway ever so smoothly in the wind, making them cool and comfortable to wear. Picture yourself on a yacht, sailing off into the sunset in these neutral-coloured, breezy pieces.

Scoops of gelato

Nichanian’s ingenious choice of bright and sweet gelato colours are sure to turn heads when you wear them. The collection’s bright parkas and blousons may look like they’re made of polyester or PVC, but are actually lightweight technical satin – a great way to incorporate outwear into your outfit without feeling too warm. Accessories such as bucket hats and tote bags are also available in similar colours to add a touch of spring to your outfit.

Summertime graphics

It is rare to see Hermès use graphics on their clothing, but when they do it, they do it right. Seahorses, crayfish, and a sunset are some of the cheeky prints that can be seen in this collection. Emblazoned on popover shirts, tank tops, and turtleneck sweaters, these marine and summer elements give a pop of personality to the garment’s wearer.

Beige, brown and black

Not a fan of bright colours and flashy graphics? Hermès offers a selection of beige, brown and black pieces to craft a more chill and sleek look. These cereal hues are versatile and can be combined with other colours, making them a wardrobe staple.

2 new Birkin 50s

Two new Birkins were also introduced during the show. Large checks and two distinct colors—coffee and black—adorn the bags, which serve as a neutral backdrop for the eye-catching clothes. The perfect finishing touch for a summer getaway.

View the full collection here.

Photos by: Daniele Oberrauch / Gorunway.com

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