What type of Sunny Islander are you?

In a tropical country like Singapore, summer is eternal. The fashion choices we make are often at the mercy of the hot and humid weather. You’ll find it almost impossible to see people wear layers of clothing. In this case, our clothing options are narrowed down and most people (men in particular) tend to dress in similar styles. 

Here’s a short guide to help you identify the types of Sunny Islander styles you can expect to see when you’re out and about. And hey, you might even gain some personal insight and find out that one of these fits you. 

  1. The Aloha Dude

He who frequents the beach can often be spotted in breezy Aloha shirts and matching drawstring shorts. Being close to the sea, sand underneath his feet, and away from the bustling city gives him a sense of relief.  An all-around chill guy, he has a huge social circle and often spends his weekends at beach clubs or yachts with a beer in hand. If you or anyone you know identify as an Aloha dude, please remember to wear sunscreen each time you step outside. 

  1. The Gym Rat

Because he’s at the gym almost every day, athletic brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour fill up most of this guy’s wardrobe. He lives and breathes tank tops, dry-fit shirts, and sweatpants. His tops are either oversized or tight-fitting – there is no in-between. When he’s at the gym, he has zero compunction to show it off on Instagram stories by posting mirror selfies and flexing videos. Expect the occasional protein shake promos, food pics, and motivational quotes too. 

  1. Mr. Sophisticated

Think button-down/polo shirts, chino shorts, and loafers. Hair swept back and held together by pomade. This casual style is a watered-down version of his Corporate Bro alter ego, where he dons executive wear five days a week from 9 to 5 (8, if there are after-work drinks). He can often be found on yachts, golf clubs, or popular bars. Start a conversation about finance and he won’t shut up.

  1. The Uniqlo Guy

“Oh, I got this at Uniqlo.” is often the response you get when you ask him where he purchased a piece of clothing. It’s no doubt that the majority of Uniqlo clothes are comfortable to wear in hot weather, which is why a lot of Singaporean men fall under this category. Even the famed Airism tees recently got dubbed the ‘Singaporean uniform’. The Uniqlo Guy normally goes shopping with his wife/girlfriend to get her fashion input, and in return follows her everywhere as a personal assistant. Sipping on bubble tea, having hotpot meals, and playing mahjong are some of his favourite activities.

  1. The Hypebeast

Decked out in gold/silver chains, branded shirts, and trending kicks, the Hypebeast has almost zero remorse when it comes to spending money on clothes. He knows brands such as Supreme, Balenciaga, and Acme De La Vie like the back of his hand. He always has his eyes peeled for the newest drops and will spend hours queuing for them. With “If you got it, flaunt it” as his personal mantra, his social media posts often showcase his branded clothing and expensive lifestyle. A Hypebeast thrives in the nightlife and can usually be found at bars, clubs, or siam dius with his group of friends that share the same style and interests. 

  1. The IDGAF

With little to no care about fashion and style, t-shirts and jeans are this guy’s default look. Though if he is feeling bold or his wife/girlfriend chides him to change it up a bit, he will experiment with new clothes.

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