5 Unique Fitness Classes in Singapore

We like routines, our bodies go into auto-pilot mode and we need not overthink our movements. A routine fitness regime, while beneficial for conditioning targeted muscle groups, makes working out robotically lacklustre. Life needs some jazzing up sometimes. Put a spin on your next fitness session with these picks of unique exercise classes in sunny Singapore.


Parkour Class for kids, adults and seniors

Move Academy

Enrol in Parkour classes and check an item off your TikTok wannabe checklist. Parkour is an athletic training discipline in which participants try to move from point A to point B as quickly as possible. 

Move Academy conducts classes teaching you to seamlessly leap through air. You will learn to overcome physical and mental barriers, opening up the world to become your playground.

Each class covers the origins and philosophy of Parkour, warm-up conditioning exercises, and movements suited for every skill level. Classes are categorised by age groups — kids, adults and older adults.

Classes are held at various locations across the island, including Bishan, Ang Mo Kio and Holland V. Prices start at $35 per class, $140 for 4-week courses, $280 for 8-week courses.

BBounce Studio

Dedicated Rebounding Fitness Studio

The Centrepoint

The next time you are at Changi Airport Jewel, look up to the Canopy Park, see if you can spot kids jumping on the bouncy net. It seems fun but it is social anxiety inducing to be a fully grown adult hopping about with the kids. (Pssh, this editor has tried and was given the weird eye by the young ones). 

Digression aside, there is a gym which lets you bounce around adults. BBounce Studio bases its workouts on rebounding, a type of elastically leveraged low-impact workout that is commonly done on a rebounder, which is also known as a “mini-trampoline”. These workouts are 2x higher in intensity and calorie-burning than running. It combines systemic cardio, aerobic and anaerobic, strength training and muscle sculpting to efficiently improve one’s lymphatic system.

Rebounding classes are beginner-friendly. BBounce Studio is located at Centrepoint and Star Vista. Trial package of 2 classes at $28.

Bounce Bungee Fitness

Workout with Bungee Cords

Movement & Sports Medical Centre (MSMC)

Another bouncy workout — this time with bungee cords. You will be strapped on to a bungee cord suspended from the ceiling, belts wrapped around your hips and upper thighs like a rock climbing harness. It simulates buoyancy, much like in the swimming pool, by lifting your body away from the ground, requiring you to engage your core. 

The class uses a high frequency of movement, meaning shorter sessions, yet with more calories burned than with regular exercise. Resistance from the bungee cords creates an extra training stimulus at the completion of the exercise. 

Bounce Bungee Fitness classes are conducted by Movement & Sports Medical Centre (MSMC), a studio offering fitness classes, movement therapy and wellness sessions. It is located near Farrer Park MRT.  $40 for a 50 mins trial class of Bounce Bungee Fitness. Membership packages are also available.

The Ripple Club

Aqua Fitness Class

Various Hotels

Formerly known as Aquaspin, The Ripple Club is one of the few spin studios conducting classes in the pool. Similar to swimming, spinning in the water is a low-impact workout preventing injury and protecting the joints. Water offers natural resistance for strength and endurance training. 

Circuit and boxing aquatic spin classes are also available for those who want to up the game. The Ripple Club prides itself on facilitating an inclusive safe space for learners from all walks of life. 

(Pro tip from the editor who attended their classes: Classes are conducted in various swanky hotels, and each location offers something special. Steam yourself in the sauna in the men’s changing room when you are spinning at Paradox Merchant Court. For a chilly challenge, spin at Oasia Downtown pool on level 27 to feel the wind down your spine.)

Trial passes are available at $60 for 3 classes, valid for 14 days. Membership packages are also available.

SAF Aqua Deepwater Drums Vibes

Aquatic Workouts

Singapore Sports Hub

Continuing the fad of aquatic workouts, this class conducted by Sports Hub will rhythmise you using isometric muscle contractions and drum sticks. Isometric muscle contraction allows wider control of movements and increases intensity of the training.

Although conducted in the deeper end of the pool, this workout is suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers because a flotation belt will be provided. This belt also helps in engaging the core muscles for stability. 

Classes are sold in a package of 7 sessions for $210

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