Tone yourself anywhere, anytime with portable fitness equipment

Gone are the days of gyms being the only place for training strength. We have integrated quite a few aspects of outside life into our home space (home office, home Instagram studio…). It sounds about right that fitness equipment also steps in our homes and adapts to our homie ways. Below are 6 portable fitness equipment you can use at home. Some of which you can use without leaving your favourite chair and Netflix.

Wrist and forearm strengthener


Material: Carbon Steel, Foam

There is something alluring about a toned forearm modestly revealed by rolled up sleeves. (Girls’ tip: Rolled sleeves + toned arms is one move guys should try hard at, to seem like they are not trying at all. Sleeves pushed up screams practicality and functionality. We like knowing you can take care of us with tender strength.) 

Perform regular and reverse wrist curls with this tool’s adjustable tension. It is made with heavy duty carbon steel springs and thick 10mm foam stabiliser pad for extra comfort and cushion. Also an ideal rehab tool for readers with wrist and forearm injuries. Available in 2 tensions — 2kg and 7kg.

MyProtein gliding discs



Ever struggled getting a sturdy grip on the ground with your hands and feet while doing exercises? Then resulting in losing control of the correct form, and not activating the right muscles. These frisbee-like discs will toss all those troubles away. The gliding discs improve your strength, stability, endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Readers with joints concerns can use them for bodyweight exercises without worrying about overloading their joints. Plus, these double sided discs can be used on any surface. 

Twisting disc



Put a literal spin on abs workouts with a twisting disc! Train core strength, posture and stability by placing your feet on the foot-shaped outlines and rotating your waist. Play some booming EDM — pretend you are swaying to the beat at the club. Up the challenge by adding arm movements, weights or resistance bands. Put away the couch potato label by watching Netflix and twisting those stubborn calories away.

Nayoya weighted gloves


Material: Neoprene

Incorporate weighted gloves into cardio workouts such as kickboxing and running for an extra punch. Increase speed, endurance while training hand eye coordination with these gloves. See the results in a few days when the toned outline of your arms and shoulders peek out suggestively from a shirt. The left and right hand gloves weigh 1 pound each. Gloves are made of neoprene with a well balanced construction to cushion your hands. 




Take this device out of the box, hold it in your hand or squeeze it between body parts. You are already working out! All by using your body as resistance, no other equipment required. The device utilises high-precision pressure centres to contract muscles and train strength. Bluetooth-enabled, it pairs with the Activ5 Trainer App, providing a catalogue of 100 customised exercises for every muscle group. Do these exercises seated or standing, with the option to alter intensity for all ages and skill levels.

SmartRope Rookie Donut



Fun fact: jumping burns more calories than running, swimming or cycling. Skipping rope is not much of an option for city dwellers living in high rise flats with not exactly spacious corridors. It may get caught on something, or neighbours will complain of the noisy thumping rope. 

In enters SmartRope Rookie + Donut, a cordless skipping rope. The donut-shaped rings on either end are weighted, making the whole tool feel like a real jump rope. The length is also adjustable. Compatible with the SmartRope app, users can track their scores and compete on the international ranking board. A TV app compatible with Apple TV and Google TV is also in the works. 

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