Marathoners run cross a castle, in the outback and pass the arctic this year

International travel is back on the menu — incorporating a marathon event into a travel itinerary is once again possible. Running alongside locals while taking in the sights is a stellar experience to check off your bucket list.

König Ludwig Marathon (23-24 July)

An alternative to the Disneyland marathon — run next to the real-life Neuschwanstein castle in Füssen, Germany that inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Its a flat and fast route bringing you around the Alps and ending in the Bavarian town of Füssen.

Australian Outback Marathon (30 July)

A relatively flat route sprinkled with inclines, you will race alongside wild camels and climb up sand dunes for breathtaking views of Ayers Rock and Mount Olga. Water stops are available, but you’ll have to bring your own gels/food for if race organisers leave food in  the outback, wildlife will get to it before you do.

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset (10 August)

Taking place in Hovsgol National Park, you’ll be running around a pristine alpine lake, one of the largest single bodies of drinkable fresh water in the world. MS2S is a non-profit marathon, profits goes towards ecoLeap foundation which supports philanthropic activities of both environmental and cultural nature.

Baxters Loch Ness Marathon (2 October)

If you’re planning a trip to see the Loch Ness monster, why not make it for a marathon? Perhaps you’ll pick up tips on how to spot Nessie from the locals! The marathon starts in the rural moorland, continues around the highlands and ends in the capital city of Inverness.

Impact Marathon Nepal (14-20 November)

Do good on your next race by participating in the Impact Marathon that gives back to the grassroots community. Interact with the locals and learn how you can make a difference in their lives. Impact Marathons are also hosted globally in Jordan, Guatemala, Kenya and Malawi.

Antarctic Ice Marathon (14 December)

For the ultimate zeal test, participate in the Antarctic Ice Marathon where the hushed icy winds are your only supporters. No cheering crowds or penguins to rally you on. The race takes place in inner Antarctica, in the region of the Ellsworth Mountains. For a registration fee of USD$17,900, you’ll also be eligible to join the exclusive 7 Continents Marathon Club. 

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