Training secrets of the most alluring muscles

Move over biceps. We’ve asked the ladies so we know which muscles are the true hit with the female species. Perhaps your workout routine is already training these muscle groups, yet just not toned enough to score extra brownie points. Fret not, read on to find out the muscles ladies really desire and training exercises for them.


Forearms. Pretty much the only bare skin guys can display at the workplace without being too casually or revealingly (eg. shorts and t-shirts). Working out the forearms, wrist and hands means you can show them off by almost not trying at all — merely roll up your sleeves. Also, look after your cuticles. Well-groomed nails suggest you take care of the finer details, not just pumping iron.

Click here for a list of forearm exercises


Do. Not. Skip. Leg. Day. A proportionate body is key. No chicken legs please. We ladies biologically have thicker thighs and legs (thanks, estrogen). It’ll make us feel much better if guys’ legs are not more slender than ours. Work those calves please. 

If you have a female friend telling you to walk infront of her while climbing stairs, she’s probably checking out the flexes in your leg muscles. That’s how you know you are doing it right. 

Click here for a list of calf exercises.


Notice how the most drool-worthy celebrities (females too) have a chiselled jaw. And the ones with cleft chins get extra brownie points. A well-worked jaw means the movement of muscle against bone is visible when you clench your jaw. That is what we can see when we give you sidelong glances. Plus, its a part of your face peeking out from a face mask. 

Click here for a list of jaw exercises.

Collar bone

The same rationale applies — visible collar bones are attractive on ladies, and on guys too. Additional points for those surrounded by defined upper traps and deltoids. Like the forearm, collar bones can be revealed even when modestly dressed in a button-up shirt or if the outline is visible through a crew neck top. 

Click here for a list of collar bone exercises for you to try out!


We got you there. We don’t mean ‘heart’ anatomically, we mean ‘heart’ figuratively. A kind and compassionate heart goes a long way. Sure you know that. We just thought we put it out here as a friendly reminder in a world that prizes appearances a bit too much. 

No list of heart exercises because you’re already training it everyday, otherwise you won’t be able to read this. 

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