The Upcoming Fast & Furious Movie: Will the end of this Era leave you furious?

Fast & Furious 10, officially titled Fast X, will kick off the final chapter of the Fast Saga, and fans of the franchise can expect to see a significant character return of Vin Diesel. Many fans will be saddened to hear that the series will conclude with a two-part conclusion with Fast X being the first part of it, but as Vin Diesel has previously mentioned, “Every story deserves its own ending.”

Universal initially stated that Fast & Furious 10 would be released on April 7, 2023. (barring any delays). The film’s release date has now been moved back to May 19, 2023, but this could change as the date approaches. Filming for the first section of the last instalment began on April 20, according to reports.

Tyrese Gibson previously stated that the two films would be shot back-to-back. Diesel has stated that the series will have a two-part conclusion because “there is so much territory to cover,” noting that “There are so many places and so many spots in the world that we have to visit.”

On that note, no official release date for Fast & Furious 11 has been set, but if the films are released back-to-back, fans may be able to see it in April 2024, if not sooner. Of course, the series will not be complete without the return of the majority of the family, so along with the filming confirmation came the expected cast list. For the tenth episode of Fast and Furious, the Toretto family will definitely be reunited.

Obviously, Vin Diesel’s Dom is back, accompanied by a slew of recognizable faces, especially given the fact that Fast & Furious 9 (F9) went down without a hitch. With the reappearance of Sung Kang as Han, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Ludacris as Tej, Jordana Brewster as Mia, Charlize Theron as the baddie Cipher, and Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey, the family has grown even more.

Since the next two films will be the final installments in the franchise, fans can expect a slew of cameos and supporting roles for characters from the beginning of the series, including Lucas Black as Sean Boswell, Bow Wow as Twinkie, Jason Tobin as Earl Hu, and Shea Whigham as Agent Stasiak. At the end of F9, Kurt Russell’s Mr Nobody’s fate was also unresolved. But, given that he assisted Han in faking his own death, it’s not shocking if he’s still alive to assist Dom and his crew.

In the same light as Han’s reappearance, there’s a notion that Mr Nobody fabricated Gisele’s death, so many are hoping that Gal Gadot will make a cameo in the two-part finale.  We are not excluding anything after the ninth film’s space adventure. There’s no way the finale will go by without Brian O’Conner making an appearance, whether it’s in the form of a cameo or a more significant part. It could be an archival film of the late Paul Walker or computer-generated imagery, but he will undoubtedly appear in its finale. 

Jason Statham returned to the main series as Deckard Shaw in the F9 credits scene, so we wouldn’t be shocked if he appeared in the two-part finale, with his mother Magdalene ‘Queenie’ Shaw, portrayed excellently by Helen Mirren, who hinted at her return. While John Cena’s Jakob Toretto began as a villain, at the end of the ninth film, he was on Dom’s side, so we can expect to see the long-lost Toretto siblings return for the finale as well.

Jason Momoa of Aquaman, Daniela Melchior of The Suicide Squad, and Brie Larson of Captain Marvel are all confirmed for the sequel. Their roles, however, have yet to be determined.

Vin Diesel is known for posting behind-the-scenes footage on his social media platforms, so fans can anticipate much of that when the film officially starts. Alternatively, we will have to wait until the end of the year for more footage. When Fast & Furious 9 was slated for a June 2020 release, the first trailer was released in January 2020, thus if we follow the same timeframe, the first Fast & Furious 10 trailer will be released in November 2022.

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