Restaurants To Have On Your Eat List When You’re Feeling “Atas”

We hand-picked the best of Singapore’s restaurant scene for this Eat List. These are the city’s greatest establishments right now, the freshest, most creative, and most unforgettable eateries that are well worth the visit. Surprisingly, you don’t have to venture very far in Singapore to find a delicious dinner. The city has plenty of cutting-edge restaurants owned by professional chefs that will satisfy your hunger. Without further ado, here is a list of the 5 restaurants we think you should visit, especially if you have a special occasion to commemorate.

1. Avenue 87

Avenue 87 is a sophisticated eating experience inspired by a pair of childhood friends’ shared past. Unfamiliar sights frequently appear on the modern gastronomic map. Chefs Alex Phan and Glen Tay, on the other hand, draw inspiration from their childhood to help guide the food. Local flavors are reinvented such as sambal octopus, jazzed-up fish soup, and other dishes. If you do visit the restaurant, you must add an order of Ave87 tea, a herbal beverage with chrysanthemum, rosebuds, dried longan, and candied winter melon flowery overtones.

The restaurant is set in the pleasant, refined environment of a two-story conservation shophouse, giving it a rustic vibe. The seamless collaboration of co-Chef-Founders Glen Tay and Alex Phan, as well as their distinct brand of creativity and invention, distinguishes the restaurant. The platform provided to dynamic brands, producers, and talents from Singapore and the region is also noteworthy.

Price Range: S$98+ per person

Location: 47 Amoy St, Singapore 069873

2. Blu Kouzina

After dominating Singapore’s culinary scene for the past five years, Blu Kouzina is bringing its trademarked, wholesome Greek food to the Sunshine State. The popular restaurant, which was created out of the founders’ enjoyment of sharing a big, family meal with friends and their appreciation for the cuisine of their Greek native, has opened a second location in Sarasota.

In recipes that are both classic and imaginatively contemporary, fresh and premium ingredients, usually farmed organically and acquired from well-established, local farmers, are used. The flavours and fragrances of extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish, or juicy lamb that will transport you on a voyage from a beachside taverna to a rural mezze shop, where platters are enjoyed amongst family and friends, often amid passionate disagreements, are what remains distinctively Greek and real. 

Price Range: S$70+ per person

Location: 10 Dempsey Rd, #01-20, Singapore 247700

3. Artichoke

Chef Bjorn Shen opened a nine-year-old Middle Eastern eatery. It’s a Middle Eastern-inspired establishment in the Arts and Heritage section of Singapore. Bjorn Shen, the chef-owner, has been serving delicious food to customers since 2010. Bjorn’s comic attitude is reflected in Artichoke, who was heavily influenced by his favorite film, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.”

Artichoke takes pride in delivering the least authentic Middle Eastern food in town, which we can wholeheartedly support because it’s still extremely tasty. Start with a sequence of meze, which are best eaten with warm pieces of toasted Turkish bread. Along with the bread, the green harissa prawns are a must-try and go perfectly with it. Artichoke features a terrific wine list, ice-cold beers, ciders, Sunday Punch cocktails, and a killer gin drink called the GGNR for those seeking casual drinks with awesome food.

Price: S$68+ per person

Location: 161 Middle Rd, Singapore 188978

4. Salted And Hung

Salted And Hung is an Australian restaurant that serves food from head to tail. Salted & Hung, which stands shoulder to shoulder alongside Singapore’s greatest restaurants, pays homage to chef-owner Drew Nocente’s childhood home on a farm near Brisbane, Australia. You will enjoy the dining idea, which is artistically simple and sustainable food. Everything from skin, meat, bones, and organs is used to produce tasty dishes that are also exquisitely displayed in the nine-course tasting menu, which is a great representation of his concept.

The meal was created with the chef’s culinary concept of little waste in mind. It’s used in green lip abalone dishes, where the grilled shellfish is presented in a sourdough essence produced from leftover bread. Orders of the restaurant’s famous house-cured charcuterie will also not disappoint. Their desserts are not to be overlooked.

Price: S$80+ per person

Location: 12 Purvis St, Singapore 188591

5. Siri House

“Hey Siri, tell me more about Siri House.” Siri House is a collaboration between a group of chefs and one of Thailand’s major property developers, with the goal of showcasing art, design, commodities, and plenty of delicious food. If you’ve ever wanted to dine in a magnificent condo owned by Bangkok’s super-rich, Siri House provides a taste of that experience without having to leave Singapore.

The pappardelle, which uses prawn and lobster heads to generate an addictive bisque-like sauce, is lively, incredibly tasty, and insanely wonderful. Siri House is the place to be whether you’re searching for a weekend brunch spot, a nice gift for a pal, or cocktails and supper with dear ones.

Price: S$100+ per person

Location: 8D Dempsey Rd, #01-02 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672

One of the key things that makes a restaurant great is the quality of ingredients used as well as the taste. However, the food must also be consistently great as it influences how guests perceive their restaurant experience. These 5 restaurants have been serving wonderfully delicious food since their opening and even during the pandemic, they did not compromise on the quality of ingredients or its taste. If you are looking to mesmerise your tastebuds, head on down to any of the restaurants listed above. 

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